English - Αγγλικά

In Gymnasium (Junior High School) English is a compulsory subject, which is taught four hours a week by teachers who are highly qualified and experienced.

The main aims are:
1. To encourage students to become fluent English speakers and to continue to improve their level of language competence.
2. To develop students contact with and understanding of British culture.
At the beginning of the first year of Gymnasium, in October, all students sit a placement test. Based on their performance, in this test students are divided into four different streams. In this way each student is grouped in an appropriate stream according to his/her level.
The emphasis is on teaching English communicatively.  All four skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking are taught and English is the language of instruction.
In addition emphasis is placed on the boardening of language, allowing students to become confident and ambitious in the language.
All students are prepared to take Cambridge ESOL Examinations in Gymnasium and Lyceion. Having followed the preparatory classes, students are able to sit for the following certificates:
-  FCE (First Certificate in English) (B2)
-  CAE (Certificate of Advanced English) (C1)
-  CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) (C2)

The examinations for these certifications are held at Ionios Scholi’s premises twice a year. Ionios Scholi is an examination centre for the British Council.
The books, materials and the curriculum are selected based on the guidelines of the University of Cambridge (Cambridge ESOL) and the British Council, Athens.